Freydesign Productions creates powerful stories. Our purpose as a production company is finding great stories in the projects we work on and bringing them to life for their audiences. We work with international celebrities, ad, marketing and public relations agencies, streaming and television channels, industry-leading businesses, arts and educational entities, and public-interest groups.

Equipped for productions and experienced creating content for audiences around the globe, national and international locations for our work include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Relationships with production partners across these locales help us provide efficient production services as client needs dictate.

The combination of award-winning directing and storytelling with world-class cinematography and production craft has helped result in successes for clients across diverse fields of endeavor. It has also helped form many ongoing relationships spanning over a decade.

The core of our work is turning client objectives into emotionally compelling and visually arresting stories. We do this by listening carefully to client needs, gaining a thorough understanding of message and goals, and then working together to reach effective decisions about script, budget, cast, audiovisual techniques, aesthetics and communication channels.

Results include creating images with and for international icons Kanye West, Oprah, Pitbull and Mel Gibson, and recognized and screened in festivals around the world including Cannes International Film Festival. Work for clients has been seen by millions through outlets such as MTV, PBS, Discovery, ABC, E!, Big 10 Network and NBC. It has been written about in books on production and communication, and covered by the New York Times, American Cinematographer, Fox News, CBS, and local and regional media.

In short, a deep understanding of client needs, passionate dedication to stellar work, and international production capabilities drive Freydesign Productions. We deeply believe in telling powerful stories. It is what we love to do.

                                                                                                                                   Frey Hoffman – Executive Producer/Director/Writer

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